Great brands, like great people, have a distinctive look and personality. They know who they are and behave as such, constantly delivering their promise and evolving to stay relevant, authentic and differentiated.


Think of it as a spa for your brand, where your look feel and purpose are refreshed, renewed and revitalized. The Brand Refresh was designed so your brand can emerge as the best possible version of itself. And what we mean by “best” is the most authentic, relevant and differentiated version of a brand. Together we will craft your brand story. The true story of a full-featured brand that will live in your Brand Book and Brand Manifesto.


We love startups. Brands that are just getting started need a name, a face, an identity and a logo. We are going for the full story, your true story in order for your brand to successfully launch into the world. Together we create—Together we decide—on your look, your feel, your purpose. We will craft what makes you authentic, relevant and differentiated. Our goal is to emerge with the whole story of a full-featured brand that will live in your Brand Book and Brand Manifesto.


This highly-pleasurable, multi-sensory experience was designed to define, differentiate and drive brand success. We prefer to do these branding sessions at our Beach House on Lake Michigan, as we’ve found viewpoints expand and creative juices flow the closer you get to open water.

The session includes group collaging, power dotting, color dotting and an exploration of the look, feel, smell, taste and sound of the brand. Along with these senses, we also explore the brand’s sense of responsibility.

This method was developed and refined by Cheryl Berman after 30 years of branding experience with clients like McDonalds, Hallmark, Altoids, Coca Cola and Disney.



This includes a brand's full identity:
Brand Description • Brand Personality • Brand Purpose • Unique Selling Proposition • Brand Language • Color Palette • Logo • Typography


A beautifully written and illustrated piece of art explaining who you are, why you are here and how you are making the world a better place.


Think of a logo as the face of a brand that reflects its personality and stands out in the marketplace because it is appropriate, unique, adaptable and timeless.